Play Raffles, Wheel and Dice!

0% House edge on Raffles, 0.3% on PeerDice, 1% on Dice and 3.2% on Wheel!

Zero house edge

No tricks! We offer a truly zero-sum game where players compete against each other, not against the gambling site. There are no hidden costs or commissions.

Provably fair

We can't possibly change the outcome of a game. Neither can we know the result before everyone else does as well. All guaranteed by strong cryptography.

No limits

We don't impose any lower or upper limits on the bets you can place. Start playing with, or withdraw, just one Satoshi! You are also free to use any strategy you wish!


We respect your privacy and don't require you to give us your identity. All payments are made anonymously using the virtual currency Bitcoin.

Currency Exchange!

Convert BTC/LTC/NMC/PPC/XPM/FTC/ANC right in the Peerbet chat using one of our user-developed bots.

Games Counter
25,391.29258886 BTC
Biggest Win
6.00000000 BTC

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